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Motor Insurance (Fleet)

        This type of insurance covers legal liability of Fleet Motors (At least 3 vehicles under the same insured names) and the insured will receive 10% discount  from the government regulation. The motor insurance (Fleet) covers  losses due to automobile and motorcycle accidents ,it is divided into:

Compulsory Motor Insurance: Compulsory Motor Insurance: This insurance is mandatory according to the
     ‘1992 Act on Protecting Victims of Car Accidents’.  Persons caught without this type of insurance would be
Voluntary Motor Insurance: This optional insurance protects vehicle owners against variable risks


Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident insurance gives 24 hours worldwide coverage in cases of accidental death, loss of organ or eyesight, dismemberment and injury that needs medical treatment. The coverage can be extended to cases of being murdered or injured, and motorcycle accident. 


Fire Insurance (Commercial)

        Fire insurance covers all kinds of property that are insured, against damage caused by fire, lightning, gas explosion (household use) and allied perils stated in the policy . The insured will be paid an idemnity to the full value of damage but not exceeding the sum insured. Sri Ayudhya General Insurance Co. Ltd. will shoulder your burden by its “Bussiness Sure Plan” which offers varied indemnity.

Property All Risks Insurance

        This type of insurance provides protection for medium to large entrepreneur assets : building, warehouse, factory, fixtures and fitting, furniture, office equipment, machinery, inventory and raw material from all kinds of accidents but not covering exceptions stated in the policy.


Business Interruption

       Business Interruption Insurance shall cover business owner against loss of Gross Profit due to the reduction in turnover and the increased cost of working resulting from Property Damage covered under Fire or Property All Risks Insurance Policy.


Machinery Breakdown Insurance

         Covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage, occurring while insured machine is improperly used or machinery break down from unforeseen factors. 


Boiler Insurance 

       Covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage (other than by fire) to boiler or pressure vessel including legal liability to third party due to explosion or collapse.


Constructor's All Risks and Erection All Risks Insurance

Constructor’s All Risks and Erection All Risks Insurance is designed to cover the risk of damages arising out of the erection, installation and/or test run of machinery, plant and steel structures, including damages resulting from construction companies (from tools and/or machinery used during construction). It also covers liability for third-party’s physical injury and/or property damages arising out of these operations.


Public Liability Insurance

The Company shall pay on behalf of the Insured for all sum which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as damage because of bodily injury and/or property damage of third party caused by the fault or negligence of the Insured or any of the Insured’s employees whilst engaged in their work or by any defect or alleged defect in the premises.


Marine Hull Insurance

        Marine Hull Insurance covers loss of or damage to the ship, including machinery and equipment connected therewith, no matter what it is made of. The cover can be extended to include the legal liabilities to the ship or properties and/or bodily injury.


Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance covers the risk of loss, damages expense and liability to your goods during transportation as cargo from one place to another place. The process of transportation includes air freight, ocean freight and overland carriage, including sending by post or courier service.

        The marine cargo insurance is to indemnify the cargo owners and/or the financiers such as banks against financial loss arising as a result of physical loss, expenses incurred or liability from the transportation process. Loss can arise from the perils of the sea such as rough weather, sinking, or as result of overturning, collision of and/or theft from overland transports.



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