Claim Documents and Accident Insurance Claim Forms

1. Documents for Transportation Claims

Documents for Transportation Claims

  1. For Imports/Exports and domestic (inland) transport
    • Insurance policy (original document - trip)
    • Claim letter from the insured
    • Claim letters to related parties:
      • Shipping, airline, and forwarder, bill of landing, or air way bill
      • Invoice and packing list
    • Evidence of damage of merchandise from the transporter / related parties
    • Reports or records on the damage such as Cargo Irregularity / Damage Report (DMC), Survey Note (if the merchandise is found damaged at the port), Tally Sheet (in case the merchandise arrived FCL and opened at the port). These documents represent evidence of damaged goods during transport
    • Imports shipping documents
    • Photos showing evidence of damaged merchandise
    • Quotations on merchandise repair / exchange with details of repair
    • Shipping contract / Stevedore or receipt from transporter
    • Certification of Landing as issued by the Port Authority of Thailand, Customs Department
    • Other documents as requested by the company
  2. For Carrier Liability
    • Claim letter from owner of merchandise to carrier
    • Claim letter from the insured
    • Documents showing merchandise costs
    • Copy of vehicle registration
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Photos of damage
    • Receipts, repair quotations, and spare parts costs
    • Copy of police report (if available)
    • Other documents (if available)
2. Standard documents used in claim consideration for MLM

Standard documents used in claim consideration for MLM

  1. Claim form
  2. Certification of Insurance
  3. Copy of police report and case number as accepted by criminal court
  4. Vehicle registration booklet (cancellation of the vehicle at fault)
  5. Transfer documents, proxy, company registration documents, copy of ID and house registration (certified)
  6. Copy of leasing contract, and original certification of insurance, proxy (Lor Tor 2), letter waiving rights (Tor Tor 5), vehicle keys
  7. Copy of ID and house registration of lease with certified signatures
  8. Copy of leasing installment card
  9. Account closing document (outstanding balance excluding interests)
  10. Copy of savings account cover for transferring claims

Additional Documents for Consideration

In case of fraud:

  • Report on debt collections
  • Other relevant documents

In case of loss of motorbike

  • Proxy
  • Waiving rights
  • Keys

In case of Totaled motorbike

  • Vehicle registration booklet (no need to report cancellation of vehicle use)
  • Copy of repair quotation

Other Documents

  • As required by the company
3. Documents Required for Miscellaneous Insurance Policy and Fire Policy Insurance Policy (Property / Asset)

Basic documents used for consideration of claims Miscellaneous insurance policy (property)

  1. Claim form
  2. Incident report
  3. List of damaged / loss of property / asset
  4. Receipts, and repair quotations
  5. Copy of ID card, and house registration (certified)
  6. Copy of company registration (if relevant)
  7. Photos of property / asset damages
  8. Police report
  9. Liability report in case the damage was caused by a third party
  10. Evidence of the person at fault (a copy of ID card, car registration, and detailed list of damages)
  11. Copy of bank book cover to transfer the claim settlement
  12. Other relevant documents

Additional Documents for Consideration

In case of theft

  • Police report

In case of fire (cause)

  • Police report and fire investigation report

In case involving party at fault

  • Documents showing ownership of property / asset such as title deeds, or vehicle registrations.

Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

In case of medical malpractice

  • Letter of claim from the party involved
  • Medical report from the attending doctor
  • Medical registration, analysis, medical and treatment costs, and receipts
  • Hospital’s peer review
  • Other relevant documents

Other types of Policies

  • Claim form
  • Incident report
  • Photos of damages
  • Receipts, and repair quotations
  • Other documents as required by the company
4. Claim Documents Required for Personal Accident, Health, and Critical Illnesses

Claim Documents Required for Personal Accident, Health, and Critical Illnesses

  1. Claim form
  2. Medical certification, medical report (Company form)
  3. Copy of ID card, house registration certified
  4. Police report in case of assault
  5. Copy of a bank book cover for transfer of claim settlement

Additional Documents for Consideration

In case of medical expense reimbursement

  • Receipt, and medical certification

In case of broken bones

  • Result of x-ray / CT scan / MRI

In case of death

  • Death certificate / autopsy – death certificate
  • Police report on the date of the incident with authentication by the police / alcohol intoxication level report
  • Copy of ID card, house registration of beneficiary (certified)
  • House registration of the insured with a ‘Death’ stamp
  • Marriage certificate
  • A list of relatives

In case of disability / loss of limb

  • Photo of the insured
  • Disability certificate and disabled card (in case of disability)

In case of income compensation while in hospital

  • Copy of receipt and summary of medical treatment costs (certified by hospital staff)

In case of critical illnesses

  • Claim form (company form)
  • Medical report and result (detailed tissue analysis) and lab results
  • Past medical records from all hospitals with treatment history
  • Copy of receipt showing expenses for analysis

Other documents

  • As required by the company

Claim Requirements for Policies with Care Cards – Personal Accident and Health (hospitals/clinics under contract)

  • Show Care Card with ID card or driver’s license or any ID issued by the government to the staff at the hospital
  • For OPD treatment, the hospital will honor the Care Card’s based on the insurance coverage unless otherwise specified
  • For IPD treatment, the hospital staff will coordinate with the company based on the Care Card number on the back of the card to provide benefits as per the policy (in case of doubt, the company will ask the insured to pay in advance and send payment evidence for reimbursement)

Advance medical payment for individuals (without Care Card); and Care Card usage at hospitals not under contract

  • Original receipt
  • Medical certificate specifying the illness / accident / and treatment
  • Copy of the Care Card (if any) / mobile phone number / email
  • Copy of ID card of the insured (certified correct) and a copy of bank book for transfer of claim settlement
  • Send evidence to Non-Motor Claim:
  • After evaluation, the company will transfer or send a cheque to the insured
  • After transfer of claim settlement, the company will advise the insured via SMS or email.